Welkom op mijn blog !

Ik schrijf graag over dagelijkse dingen, maar ook over bloemen, servies, inrichting van mijn huis en tuin.

Ik zou het leuk vinden als je een reactie achterlaat als je mijn blog bezocht hebt.


Welcome to my blog !

I write about daily things, but also about flowers, cats, my home and my garden.

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zaterdag 5 maart 2011


YEAH ! I finally got 1 thing that is on my wishlist this year... an old soupterrine !

Unfortunately I can not find a little tree to put in it because it is still too cold to have these kind of plants in the gardencentres. But no problem, I found a very nice alternative...

I found this nice terrine at the new Dutch webshop called Fort Lapin.
The owners are really very nice, just take a look at their website
and let them suprice you with some nice old things !
I am sure I will go back there for some more goodies soon...


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