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dinsdag 31 juli 2012

@ Wendy Chamberlain - ESSENTIAL BEARS

Ik wil graag een berenmaakster voorstellen: Wendy Chamberlain - Essential Bears.
Per toeval gevonden, maar wat maakt zij mooie miniatuurberen zeg ! Ze viert dit jaar haar 20-jarig jubileum berenmaken en organiseert een give-away.. neem een kijkje op haar blog: http://wendy-essentialbears.blogspot.nl/

Ze verteld iets over zichzelf en haar give-away:

This year marks a special event for Essential Bears.   We made our first teddy bear in 1992 and I can look back at the past twenty years as a time of many ups and downs but also the opportunity of meeting special people both fellow artists and collectors,  as well as the opportunity to travel to exotic places in the world.

In April this year I was thrilled to receive a blog give away of a teddy bear pattern 'Peaches' from Singapore artist Wayne Lim.   The original pattern is for an 8" bear and as I only do miniatures, I  have reduced the pattern and made this little girl called Maddie.
In celebration of our twentieth anniversary of creative bear making, to welcome the new followers to my blog and as a  'pay it forward' for Wayne's sharing his pattern,   Maddie will be a give away.  

To take part in the draw, leave a comment for one entry.   If you become a follower or are already one, you will get a second entry.   For a third chance to win,  please add the picture of Maddie to your blog.

The give away closes on Saturday 4th August.   Please leave your e-mail address and name so that I can contact the winner

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